About the ArtistBrandon Burk

Brandon Burk is in his tenth year as one of Utah’s top photographers with specializations in wedding and family portraiture. His art is a combination of a highly developed esthetic sense and deep technical skill that routinely has his clients astonished at how Brandon manages to always get their ‘best side’. This comes from a profound understanding of both masculine and feminine facial structure and the poses that elicit their best qualities.

Brandon’s work style is remarkable for its pace and energy as well as the amount of equipment he hangs from his custom harness. He generally works with two cameras using lens of different focal lengths, taking full body, three-quarter length and head shots to maximize the chance of catching exactly the right look. This extends to details like hair, clothes and makeup, a skill he has developed over many years working with professionals in those fields.

His preparation is meticulous, with a long list of suggestions on how to dress and prepare for a session. That attention to detail extends to his own preparations for the unforeseen; backup cameras, batteries, consumables and other equipment.

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