Photos for Thursday Boot Company. Featuring the Captain Midnight Suede Boot. This boot uses WeatherSafeTM technology which means when water hits the suede of the boot it beads and rolls right off. Its amazing! The captain boot is “sophisticated with an edge. This minimalist cap-toe features a carefully designed stitch over the toe to add style while letting the quality of the materials do most of the talking.” You can check out this pair of boots here. Other brands featured. Shirt: Woorich | Vest, Bag and Jacket: Filson | Buffalo Ring: Silver Piston | Leather Cuff: Billy Kirk | Socks: Chup Socks | Denim: Free Note Cloth.

Thursday Boot Company and Chup Socks thursday boot company and filson jacket Thursday Boot Co Footwear Photographer Billy Kirk and Steve West Silver Piston Blue Suede Boots Chups Socks Thursday Boot Co New york Filson Bag Thursday Boots